Friday, July 1, 2011

Staying Home

We are staying home for this 4th of July Holiday.  Was a time when a three day holiday was the ticket for getting out of town and having an adventure.  But, those where the days when we were tied down with full-time jobs and a three day holiday was a great escape.  Now in the free-wheeling structure of retirement we have many more options, and for years we have traveled, biked & hiked, and enjoyed all kinds of thrilling adventures any time we choose. However, recently we have began to slow down and reluctantly we seem to be choosing options of less travel and less adventure; which brings me back to the subject of  “staying home”.  That is the option we have currently chosen in regards to volunteering. So, this pretty little cabin with poppies in the yard is once more going to be more our home than just our vacation cabin.   


  1. This could be the best 'camp hosts' position you have taken yet: the weather is great, the accommodations luxurious, the guests friendly, and regular chores to take up a portion of your day! (however, the supervisors can be a pain in the butt sometimes)