Saturday, July 16, 2011

Empty Nest

They are gone! The Violet-green Swallows that I have so enjoyed watching are suddenly gone.  When we got back to Elkton on Wednesday they were still here.  I stood on the front porch that evening and watched the babies cry for more, and watched the parents continually swoop in with more bugs.  The next day, while watering the flowers I noticed that all was quite in the nesting box. I opened up the side door, and the nest was empty!  Not only is the nest empty, the swallows are gone completely, not a bird in sight for two days now.  I remember this from past years, the sudden departure, but it always leaves me a little sad. It seems so quiet.  It’s much like the human situation, when your kids leave home; it suddenly seems all too sudden.


  1. Beautiful post Jim--sure resonates with me these days with Evan on his way out of the nest. Robin

  2. Ours were gone when we got back home on Friday. The side yard is too quiet!