Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Swallows

After we got setup in our campsite at Bluebill Lake Campground on Friday afternoon we took Buster for a walk to nearby Horsfall Beach. When we got to the Horsfall Beach parking lot I was surprised to see some Barn Swallows swooping through the area. The Horsfall Beach parking lot is a very busy area, crammed with RV’s, trailers, and off-road-vehicles it looks something like a circus or a refugee camp. The din of people, unmuffled sand bikes and quads is everywhere.  But there are no barns, or buildings of any kind for Barn Swallows to make their nest on as far as the eye can see. But wait; there is a concrete restroom building. When I investigated a little closer I found several empty nests and this occupied nest tucked in under the eaves on the back side.  These baby Barn Swallows sit patiently waiting for the next bug from their parents

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  1. Barn Swallows are my favorite their chatty calls and swoopy flight. And handsome fellows, too. Nice photo!