Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wine Truck

Jeanette took this photo today of this old truck hauling wine barrels, thinking of our vineyard and winery friends back in Elkton.  It’s a 1916 Republic truck, and is in the Museum Barn here at Lorenzo County Park where we are staying. This is truly an amazing park.  It has so much to offer with displays, museums, camping, and hiking trails, all in a wonderfully landscaped park.  We’re fighting the temptation to accept a volunteer position here, and not travel any farther.

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  1. Thanksgiving weekend at the winery is going ok this year. About the same as last year. Had alot of wine club members show up so that was fun. Marty T. talked with the people that bought the big house in your subdivision. I think he said they were from CA and plan to move here in a couple of years. Will get more info later in the week. Rained all day today.