Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Worm

The grandsons have always refereed to Jeanette as Gam’net, and when Gram’net and the boys get together there is always a major amount of time devoted to computer games, the current favorite being Book Worm.  I have no idea how it’s played, but knowing it involves spelling, means count me out. However they all love it from the youngest at 5 years to the oldest at 11 years, well make that 64 years.  It’s hard to tell who enjoys it the most, Gram’net or the boys, they all participate with such concentration and glee.


  1. We had a great time and a wonderful early Thanksgiving meal. Thanks again!

  2. We appreciate you coming down, it meant a lot to us.

  3. Thanks for coming home for a stay. I will miss you both, but look forward to keeping up on the blog. Have a great time in the sunshine. I will keep you posted on the happenings at Etown! Love you both and WILL miss you.