Thursday, November 25, 2010

San Lorenzo Park – King City, California

This sign at the end of the railroad tracks here at the Monterey County Museum located in this park, pretty much sums up our day. This morning we fled the intense congestion and mayhem that is the Bay Area and headed south prepared to stop when we could find a place of peace and quietness.  We had pre-selected King City and San Lorenzo Park, based on distance and planned to stay one night before moving on.  As soon as we were parked in our site we piled out of the coach and went for a walk through the park, by the time we had only gone a quarter of the way through the park and talked to some volunteers, we had decided to stay a week.  Jeanette chased down the head Ranger and sweet-talked him into a deal, so we are only paying twenty-one dollars a night for the week instead of thirtyfour dollars a night! We have definitely come to a stop!

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  1. You headed the wrong way. Check my old blog to see what I saw!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!