Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trail Scouting

Yesterday morning we spent a couple of hours scouting out two of the four hiking trails I will be working on in my volunteering position here at Buckskin Mountain State Park. I don’t officially start work until Friday, but I was anxious to get a preliminary look at the trails. Looks like some of the interpretive signs need to be, repaired, replaced or moved. Also some work on water bars. No brush to trim here mostly concerns with erosion, hence the importance of water bars. They have an outstanding trail system already in place. My job, as I see it right now will just to keep it maintained. I’ll be hiking it with the head Ranger soon and will have a more detailed idea what he has in mind.

On the domestic front ----- yesterday was the third day without DirectTV Satellite Service----aaaa---stay tuned.


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  2. Four days trying to find invisible DirecTV satellites in the sky... (ping, ping, ping) and we are still married!!!