Monday, August 31, 2009


The last several days have been pretty much un-blogable. We took delivery of our new motor home on Thursday afternoon. Spent Thursday evening and all day Friday trying to get settled into the new rig while parked in daughter Lisa’s driveway in Dallas. Saturday we traveled to Albany for Jeanette’s 45-year high school class reunion. We parked across the street from the park, took showers, put on clean clothes and went to the party. A short visit there turned out to be enough and so we headed up to Silver Falls State Park to stay for the weekend. Two days of quietness was just what we needed (no cell or Internet coverage) to figure out things and settle in. We even got in some hiking. This morning we returned to Salem to have a few odds and ends fixed on the motor home. The plan of the moment is to travel on to Lebanon tonight, stay in an RV park and show sister Kathy and her husband the new motor home.

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