Sunday, August 9, 2009

Encounter of the Spirit World

Friday evening at dusk we took a walk out to the Elkton Community Education Center to take a look at the Fort Umpqua replication project. All was quiet at the site as all the workers were gone for the day. However on the far stockade wall I spotted a small falcon, an American Kestrel, perched on the top of the tallest log. He held his position as we approached and I took this photo. It gave me a weird feeling that he alone was standing guard over the fort. I wondered if a Native American seeing such a sight would probably interpret this as the manifestation from the Spirit World --- guarding the fort.


  1. I love this idea -- sounds like you are getting ready to inagurate the fort.

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  3. That's correct----I will be conducting the dedication cermony on Sunday September 6th. The public is invited.