Saturday, August 8, 2009

Eagle Cap Wilderness Backpack

Kevin Wright shared this trip of Aug 2-5 to Ice Lake - -

"Wow. What a beautiful place! But I should have agreed to an easier "first" backpack trail, almost 8 miles and 3300' of elevation gain equaled an exhausted Kevin when we finally stopped switchbacking and reached the lake. Dropped the 40lb pack and relaxed at our campsite, swatted mosquitoes, and recharged for the Matterhorn hike the next day. Deer in camp every night, almost annoying - noisy and fairly tame!! I was still recovering from the day before, but had a great time and made it up to the summit on Monday. Saw mountain goats, and seemed like we could see forever up there. Such a beautiful area, makes me want to explore Mirror Lake, Horseshoe Lake, etc. But the long drive there and back is a drawback, I guess it's the price you pay for admission. We had an incredible thunderstorm Tues night, wind blew like a gale - 50mph maybe? - lightning, thunder, and of course, rain. Intense. But it finally passed, we were actually spared the worst of it, most of it was over the ridge east of us. Gary and I fished most of Tuesday, caught several brookies on flies and spinners."

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