Friday, May 7, 2021

Summer Lake Safari

Kordell - Patty - Jeanette - Jim

A trip to Summer Lake in South-Central Oregon was the seed of a desire of Jeanette's, that sprouted into an idea of celebration of our 28th wedding anniversary, that grew into a stay at The Lodge at Summer Lake, and finally bloomed into a full-on birdwatching safari with Kordell and Patty Blair.

Fort Rock State Park
In route we make several fun stops. This one was at Fort Rock State Park, where we got to soak up some sun, stretch our legs, and watch Ravens in a duel with a Prairie Falcon.

Kordell at dock at Christmas Valley Golf Course 
The next stop was in the small town of Christmas Valley and a surprise find of this lake at the golf course chalk full of birds. For a complete list of the birds we identified and lots of photos click here.

The Lodge at Summer Lake back pond
By late afternoon we were checked into our rooms at The Lodge at Summer Lake and enjoying some relaxing time on the back deck overlooking  the pond and looking for more birds before dinner in the lodge. 

Observation Blind
The next morning after breakfast in The Lodge we started out in Kordell and Patty's pick-up on a driving tour for a full out assault of Summer Lake State Wildlife Refuge.  A highlight of our four and a half hour birding trip was the observation blind. In all we counted 49 separate species. You can see our observation list here.