Sunday, April 4, 2021

Osprey Meet-Up

Jeanette and I went to Riverview Park in Independence this morning for birding. One of the things we are keeping a close watch on is the Osprey nest located right in front of the hotel.  Our timing was perfect, and the female followed by the male, flew in just as we were approaching the nest.  While the Osprey were still in the air, Jeanette contacted Cheryl Gaston, who is stage center for the followers of the live cam on the nest, to alert her that the Osprey were approaching the nest site  Cheryl came down to meet us. Although we were there to see the Osprey, and continued to do so, our live meet-up with her became the highlight of the morning. We have so much more in common than Ospreys, I'm sure we are destined to have a close relationship for some time. Below are photos, in sequential order. This pair appear to still be working out the details and duties of their relationship.

The female is the first to land on the nest. She appears to have something in her beak, perhaps a little decoration for the nest.

Next, the male descends, as she looks up with anticipation. 

The female expresses her expectations of a fish, while the male looks ashamedly away.

Finally he drops off the nest down to the river in search of a fish.  He makes several passes up and down the river, and multiple dives, but fails to come up with a fish. 

If you enlarge the photo, and look closely at her face, I think you will note the disappointment, and perhaps even disgust in her eye at his poor performance.