Thursday, February 11, 2021

Bluebird Birdhouse

This morning I put up another nesting box to accommodate our Western Bluebirds here in the Dallas Retirement Village. We have noticed an increase this month in Western Bluebird sightings, to the point that we can usually see a half dozen of them daily. It's that time of year that they show up and start scouting out nesting sites. This does not mean they will start nesting right away. It's a behavior I have witnessed for several years, they show up, we get exited, and then they disappear, perhaps on a honeymoon, returning weeks later and then get serious about building a nest. So, the nesting boxes are up, they will be making choices, and eventually they will get serious about house keeping.  
I took these photos of a pair of Western Bluebirds last Saturday, February 6th, here in the Dallas Retirement Village. The above photo is the brightly colored male, the photo below is the subdued colored female.  

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