Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Bakery for Birders

Bald Eagle pair

Yesterday's main event of the day was to get our 2nd Covid-19 shot at Western Oregon University in Monmouth. We provided a ride for my sister Susan, who recently had broken both of her arms. The event went smoothly, and we were soon back in our car and starting for Dallas, when we noticed a dark rain cloud covering the area, in stark contrast to the bright sunshine in the Monmouth-Independence area.  We instantly agreed that it was the wrong direction to be headed, and Susan suggested that she would be up for a walk, so I proposed a walk at the Independence Riverview Park. Luckily Jeanette and I had put in our birding stuff when we left our apartment, and we were soon out of the car, into the sunshine counting birds. Susan proved a sharp eye, and she and Jeanette were spotting birds faster than I could enter them into my iPhone. You can see our observation list here.  The high light of our birding walk was this pair of Bald Eagles mating. Susan, having a much broader experience in the amenities of the area, suggested it would be appropriate to finish our walk at the Ovenbird Bakery located just around the corner. There is actually a bird called Ovenbird, but the chances are much greater that we will find this bakery again before we find an actual Ovenbird.

Ovenbird Bakery

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