Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Winter Survival Secret

This photo of the dash display in our car shows the temperature of 57 degrees during a trip at the coast on Saturday, January the 9th. It was a cold 37 degrees and foggy in Dallas when we left home in the morning for a birding trip to Siletz Bay. (see our bird list here) The weather forecast for Lincoln City was for a high of 52, and indeed it was even better at 57. That's a 20 degree difference from our 37 degree starting temperature!

We watch the weather like a hawk, so to speak.  We look for the dry times of day, and the warmest locations on a daily basis, sometimes even checking hourly, and then make plans accordingly.

For many years we traveled south to Arizona to hide out from the cold and rain of the Northwest, but in our declining years we find traveling that much distance too stressful, and opt to stay home here in the Willamette Valley.  But, the dark and dreary days of winter, especially in this time of the Pandemic, can be quite depressing. So, our remedy is at minimum, to look for the "sweet spot" of the day, when the rain has let up or the sun is shining to at least get in a walk.  If there is a big enough window and a big temperature difference we head to the Oregon Coast for the day.  To our good fortune, where we live now in Dallas, we are less than an hour away from the coast and some excellent birding locations. So, check the weather, and plan your escape.    


  1. Hi Jim, I’m visiting my brother Larry who visited you in Salem Hospital several years ago. He lives in Tillamook and the weather here is awful to say the least. 100% chances of rain this afternoon with winds of 24 mph. Not a good day to be at the Oregon Coast. I get this after enjoying 2 weeks of Sunny warm weather in Florida. And in preparation for my return home to Alaska. My brother says hi.

  2. Sorry you timing is off. We have the worst rain storm of the year going on. Have to hunker down.