Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Alder Island Trail

We have discovered that flexibility is the key to successful birding and our own happiness. Based on the weather forecast of rain on the coast, our plan, made before going to bed, was to stay in the valley to bird. However, daylight revealed the Willamette Valley was chocked with thick fog and a cold 37 degrees.  Looking at Trip Check for Lincoln City, the cameras showed not rain, nor fog, but clear with temps at 52 degrees! We are flexible, so a quick change of plans.  Jeanette packed up a lunch and we loaded up the van.  Although Dallas was locked up in fog, we soon found sunshine and the temperature began to climb as we drove west and by the time we turned into our destination of Alder Island at Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge it was 57 degrees and clear. We had a great bird walk and got a lot of photos. You can see our list here. Here is the next flexible part.  At the end of the walk we decided we were hungry, so we set up our table and chairs in the empty parking lot and Jeanette put together our lunch. 

Here are some of the ways our Cascade Campers van aids our flexibility.  The folding chairs and table are always packed and ready, and when weather permits we enjoy using them to sit and eat outside.  Because we have solar, the 12 volt compressor refrigerator is always on and stocked with beverages. So, basically the camper van sits ready to roll. All we need to do is add some food, appropriate clothing and gear, and we are down the road. 

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