Friday, December 25, 2020

Alder Island - Siletz Bay NWR

Early yesterday morning Jeanette noticed it was 50 degrees on the coast at Lincoln City.  Compare that to us sitting in the freezing fog at 27 degrees in Dallas.  So we made a plan to take an afternoon trip to the coast after lunch allowing time for the roads to be free of ice over the coast range.  It worked out perfectly.  Leaving at 12:30, the temperature was 30 degrees, we soon drove into sunshine, and by the time we were driving through Lincoln City an hour later the temperature hit 64 degrees! Our destination was the Alder Island Trail once again. This is our fourth trip here since October. There are so many things we like about this trail.  The small parking lot right off Highway 101 is handy and never full.  The porta-pot is always clean.  The trail is graveled with easy views of the Siletz River and sloughs. And a good variety of birds.  Below are a few highlighted bird photos. You can see our complete list here.

Bufflehead female

Spotted Sandpiper

Western Grebe

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