Friday, November 20, 2020

Safe Birding During COVID-19

We went on a bird watching trip yesterday morning on Livermore Road in Polk County.  My preferred method of birding is on foot on a walkway or path through a park or natural area, but Livermore Road is a unique birding experience.  You drive down a straight gravel road for 4 miles with basically no turn-outs.  On a day of a mixed weather forecast, it was a good choice to be able to stay warm and dry and still look for birds.  It occurred to me part way through, that being quarantined in the confines of a car is the perfect method in these times of COVID-19. We never got out of the car, never had physical contact with any other possibly infected person, and we were able to put together a bird list which you can see here

Jeanette and I work together as a well oiled machine when we go birding.  She has far better eye sight than I do, so she works as the "spotter".  I work on collecting the data and taking photographs. Yesterday we kept the same rolls, she drove, and when spotting a bird, stopped and checked with binoculars.  I entered the observation on a check list in my iPhone, and when the opportunity presented itself, took photos for further documentation. 


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