Saturday, November 28, 2020

Post Thanksgiving Sunshine

Earlier this week Jeanette had set up a bird walk with her sister Patty, and Patty's husband, Kordell, for the Friday after Thanksgiving. The location was Lyons City Park in the small town of Lyons, east of Salem.  The weather continued to deteriorate as the day grew closer, so by Friday we were facing temperatures in the 30's and fog. We soldiered on, driving through the fog east on Highway 22, and then miraculously into bright sunshine by the time we arrived at Lyons City Park. I took this quick photo before Patty & Kordell arrived, and when they arrived, it was a mad rush to put on as many hats, coats and gloves as we could muster against the cold.  We kept on the move to stay warm, and I failed to get a photo of us all. We did have a good time though, pointing out bird sightings as we traveled around the pond and then on through the ponds that make up bordering John Neal Memorial Park.  You can see our bird list with photos here.  Plus, here is a bonus link to our very first trip to Lyons City Park


  1. Thank you for the great & informative trip! A bright spot during these socially distancing times.