Sunday, September 13, 2020

Birding Closer to Home

First the Pandemic has forced us to restrict our travels and birding closer to home, that is to say most parks and rest areas are closed, so no overnight travels, only day-trips.  Now the forest fires have forced us to stay inside our apartment.  I stayed completely inside our building for three days.  Then yesterday when the smoke cleared a little, I ventured out for some birding just next to our garage.  Jeanette made it out to pick up some new glasses, and in the process talked with our next-door neighbor Jim, and found out that he has a lot of hummingbird activity off his balcony.  We were totally unaware, and we are only separated by a wall.  When we look out our windows we can not even see his balcony porch.  This morning when we took a short bird walk, we looked up from the central courtyard and low and behold there we hummingbirds at Jim's feeders. I took some photos and then when we went upstairs to our apartment. I went out on our balcony and leaned over the railing and discovered I could see Jim's feeders and the hummingbirds! I took some more photos, and now marvel that I guess I don't even need to travel at all to bird, I can just go out on our balcony.  There is no need to drive anyplace to bird, I don't even need to walk out the front door, birds are as close as our balcony.

 male Anna's Hummingbird

 female Anna's Hummingbird

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