Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Hebo Lake

Hebo Lake high up on Mt. Hebo in Tillamook County was our destination Monday morning in our Cascade Campers van for some escape time from the 90 degree days in the Willamette Valley.  Here is the Cascade Ramblings link to Hebo Lake. We made a stop on the way at Fort Yamhill State Heritage Area for Buster to get a break, and of course we always love birding there. We arrived at Hebo Lake around 10:30 and hiked the wonderful trail that circles the lake, and made a bird list, followed by a picnic lunch in the Day Use Area.

Here are photos of the birds I managed to photograph.

 Bald Eagle
 juvenile American Robin
 Swainson's Trush
Steller's Jay

 I was disappointed to discover that I had no cell service, so after lunch we decided on a drive to the top of Mt Hebo in hopes of catching cell coverage.  Nope, still no signal, so back down to the lake to choose a camping spot for the night.  We picked campsite #11 which was on the edge of a small meadow, and most importantly, close to the restroom. After dinner we took a stroll around the lake again, taking in all the beauty of the forest and this small lake.

This was the first camp ground experience for us with our new Cascade Campers van, and  kind of a shake down trip for us as we continue to make adjustments to the small space with out many of the amenities we have been used to, like a toilet and shower. The key seems to be to approach this from our years of experience with back-packing. Viewed from that angle, this camping seems quite luxurious.