Saturday, February 1, 2020

Geographic Adjustments and More

 Green Heron

Yesterday had a weather forecast for dry after many days of rain, and we had nothing on our busy schedule, so we decided to go birding at one of our all time favorites, Huddleston Pond in Willamina. We knew we were now closer living in Dallas compared to living in Salemtowne, but to actually experience how close, left us a little shocked.  In mere minutes we were there. When living is Salem, it involved a big block of time.  It was probably a 30 to 45 minute drive, but with Buster along it always involved a stop along the way, and by the time we were finished birding we would usually have lunch at Coyote Joes in Willamina, so it would be afternoon before we were back home.  Yesterday morning Buster chose to go back to bed, so we were out the door and parked at Huddleston Pond in 20 minutes.  The loop around the pond went faster too with out having to make concessions for Buster.  Here is the link for our birding list. We had left Dallas Retirement Village around 8:30, and were back by 10:30, and Buster was still sound asleep.  So as we now adjust to closer proximity to many of our favorite birding destinations, we find we are also making adjustments for Buster's aging and giving him the option to stay home.  

Great Egret

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  1. Nice list! So glad your new home is working out so well.