Sunday, February 24, 2019

Fleeing the Storm

Three Rivers Casino
This morning we noticed that the weather forecast for the next 10 days included 3 days of snow ane 7 days of temperatures in the 20s! We decided to pack-up the van and head for more moderate temperatures on the Southern Oregon Coast.  We were able to get it all together and leave home around noon, and by around 3:00 we pulled into Three Rivers Casino in Florence. Jeanette registered us for a free nights parking, and then we picked a spot #43.  I think there are around 100 spaces, and only 2 others had RVs.  We will mosey on down Hwy 101 tomorrow stopping to bird when the conditions are right.  While driving here, about the time we were driving down Highway 99W through Monroe, Jeanette got a National Weather Alert on her phone warning possible winter snow of 4" to 6" for Salem.  We feel we have made the right choice.
 #43 parking site


  1. Good idea! I wish we could have done the same

  2. Yes, it's a mild evening here at the Three Rivers Casino parking lot. Dry, quiet, we consider ourselves very fortunate.

  3. You were fortunate to be able to avoid the storm. We were more fortunate than many. Our power was off for about 24 hours. Still no mail since the storm hit Sunday. The newspaper finally came today.