Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Day Three

Shopping in Florence

Our third day out on our little escape from the sub-freezing temperatures and snow of the Willamette Valley started out with bright sunshine.  After a night at Sutton Campground we stopped in Florence for shopping at Fred Myer, the Dollar Store, and Shell for gasoline. Heading south, we stopped to bird at Cater Lake, a long time favorite.  Although still sunny, a biting wind off of the lake made the 37 degree seem much colder.  Here is a link to our bird list with photos. Next was a stop in Reedsport of a hot sandwich at Subway and some more shopping. We continued south to the Coos Bay area, stopping at the North Bend Boardwalk to bird, but the cold wind quickly forced us back to the van.  We passed some time with computer stuff and an unsuccessful attempt to get TV reception.  Giving up, we went to the Captain's Choice Fish House for an early dinner. Our original idea was to park for the night at Pony Village, but with poor TV reception we decided to try Walmart which has a higher location.  Lots of room, and for TV we got a Medford station. The night descended into darkness and a full blown rain storm.  The cold and rain was depressing enough that we started to think of shortening our 10 day get-away plan. Checking weather and routes, it looked like Wednesday would be a dry break and we went to bed relieved in the thought of driving home the next day.

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