Sunday, May 13, 2018

Baby Bluebird is Growing

This is the photo I took this morning, Sunday at 7:31AM, shortly after we got home from our trip to the coast.  As you can see compared to the previous photo taken on Thursday the baby has grown considerably, and the wide bill is very prominent.  According to one source that I read, the eyes will open on the forth to seventh day. We still have four eggs unhatched, who knows what happened to the sixth egg.  Because it has been at least three days since this baby was hatched, I'm beginning to think the remaining eggs may not be viable. Violet-green Swallows continue to circle and threaten to enter the nest box, so my parental anxiety is still at a high level.


  1. We didn't check the nest today, but the parents have been pretty busy feeding. We are going to be gone for six days, so by then the baby should be pretty grown up.

  2. Have a safe trip! I'm so jealous that you are still traveling while my back seems to have decided it needs to stay home (sigh).