Saturday, May 19, 2018

Birding on the Metolius

Jeanette, Buster, and myself are spending a few days in Central Oregon to bird with our friend Glenn Pannier.  We are camped at Indian Ford Campground, primarily because there is cell service. On Friday morning we drove over to the Metolius River for some birding.  We parked at Camp Sherman and walked down the West side of the river, crossing at the Allingham Bridge and hiking back up the East side to reward ourselves with a sandwich at the Camp Sherman Store. You can see our bird list by clicking here.  In my mind the Metolius River area boarders on the sacred, I have visited it trails and campgrounds for almost 50 years now.  I've hiked, backpacked, photographed wild flowers and birds, cast flies for trout, slept in tents, and RVs, and have always felt I was someplace very special.  It still felt like that on Friday as we walked along the river. Besides the unbelievable scenery, I was filled with so many wonderful memories of past experiences. I am hard pressed to think of any area more special, more of my days need to be spent here.


  1. I have always loved the Metolius River and the way it appears at the base of that mountain. Great memories of visiting and fishing there and the Deschutes River

  2. A special place for Keli and I as well. Proposed to her almost 25 years ago at the magical springs downstream from Canyon Creek. Personally, we love the lack of cell service in this modern world!

  3. Ironically we would not be having this converstion without cell service. :) Camp Sherman Store now has free wifi. One more reason to stop there.