Thursday, March 1, 2018

Soaking Up The Sun

We are continuing the quest to spend our time in warm and sunny areas, and with that in mind we drove south today to the Vallecito Stage Station County Park.  We stayed here last winter and enjoyed our time and birding.  Again this year we are the only campers in the 44 site RV area.  There is also a tent camping area, and an equestrian area, both of which are also empty.  We like it quiet, so we are happy.  It is one of the few campgrounds in the Anza-Borrego Desert that has cell service.  It is dry camping, meaning there are no hook-ups, but the site we always choose, number 24, is right next to a water faucet, so we hook up our hose, and we have solar to take care of our electical needs. This winter has been the grand experment with solar.  We had solar system installed this summer, but it wasn't until we were totally dependent on it at Cattail Cove State Park this winter that we came to realize that it was taking care of our electricity.  Basically we never actually need to be hooked up to electricity. Every day our solar panel soaks up the energy from the sun and charges up the batteries.  So, when I refer to soaking up the sun, I am not only refering to Jeanette and I soaking up some sun, but our RV is also soaking up some sun.

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