Thursday, March 29, 2018

Seeking Her Favor

The saga of the Osprey nest on Murlark Ave continues. Yesterday morning when I stopped by the queen was on her throne, and it appeared two male supplicants were seeking her approval. They where circling overhead, hovering and making quiet a display.  In this photo the male, who I believe is the favored one, came in with a fish for a brief moment and then left.  I have watched this behavior before at other nesting sites and what normally happens is the male will perch near by and eat the head off of the fish before bringing it back to the female. This nesting site is currently the best location to watch the Osprey in their annual nesting routine.  I have suggested to eBird that it be classified as a Hot Spot, and it is now so designated.  This brings attention to the site with other birders, helping them locate and hopefully contribute to the data base with observations and photos.


  1. Still haven't seen the osprey return to the Salem Audubon Park along Eola. Should be any day now?

  2. Yes, it's getting close. The first sighting last year was April 5th, the year before that it was April 3rd, and in 2015 it was March 28th.

  3. Nothing says romance like a decapitated fish! 💕