Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

For our morning bird walk today we choose Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.  Conveniently located next to I-5 on our route south, and a place we have stopped several times in years past.  In fact if you have any interest in watching birds, and in particular observing an astonishing number migrating waterfowl then you should plan a stop her at the visitors center.

Today we choose to take the Wetland Walk Trail, which makes an easily managed loop of just over a mile and a half, and purposely skipped the large ponds with the thousand upon thousands of migrating ducks and geese, which can drive you crazy trying to count.

We had a great time, enjoyed the sun and the challenge of identifying a number of birds.  You can see our check list here.


  1. Nice list and photos. The Black Necked Stilt & Western Meadowlark are very striking.

    Enjoy the sun & birds!

  2. Thanks Patty. Sun and birds are what we do every day. :)