Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Dry Day

Red Bluff Recreation Area

For our second day of travel we had a dry day.  An entire day with out any rain. Which played well with our plans of climbing over the Siskyous and into Northern California with out the threat of moistuer leading to snow.  We left our overnight parking spot at Henderson's Alignment at 6:00 AM, stopped for breakfast at Shari's, and in Central Point for diesel and propane.  Lunch was at Lake Shasta and then on to Red Bluff to Red Bluff Recreation Area and  the Sycamore Grove Campground our intended camp site. Here is where we had our first disappointment of the day.  We discovered that Reservations are now required.  We have been coming to this campground for a decade now, and the campground has never been full, always lots of sites to choose from.  Checking with the camp host he verified the signage, and added that it was ten dollars for a registration fee plus the camping fee. Additional registration fees do not set well with us, and apparently not with others as the campground was empty.   Welcome to Walmart folks --- our parking site for tonight.

We did spend the rest of the afternoon at the Red Bluff Recreation Area for a two hour bird walk, enjoying the warm temps and dry weather.  Click here to see our checklist.

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