Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall Colors

Yesterday we went back to Lyons City Park to take advantage of the warm sunny weather and look for some ducks.  We were here on the first of the month and did not see any migrating ducks, but with the recent heavy rains I felt that we might have some new arrivals, and we did.  Fresh in for the season were a pair of Gadwalls, and a lone male Ring-necked Duck, not many but a start. The biggest bonus was the strikingly beautiful fall colors, giving rich reflections on the pond waters.


Ring-necked Duck

Canada Goose

Here is the link for our eBird observation  list with additional photos.


  1. If the Fall weather is driving you inside where (after all, you can only nap SO long!) You find some time to just down musings of your birdwatching, we readers are made MUCH better because of it. Keep it up, please!

    1. Thanks so much Larry. This blogger is made Much happier with comments from the likes of you!

  2. Beautiful Fall colors! Great photos. Thanks for sharing!