Monday, September 11, 2017

Birding at Wood River Wetland

We have been hanging out in Klamath County for the last several days, attending our nephew Matt Scott's wedding, and squeezing in as much birding as possible. From last night's parking sight at Kal-mo-ya Casino we drove to our morning destination for birding at Wood River Wetland, the top eBird Hot Sport in Klamath County. We have birded here a couple of times in past years, so we knew to expect a good number of birds. We usually encounter a variety of people on the trail.  Some come to walk their dogs, some to fish, and some even to hunt.  In fact today we saw three hunters on mt. bikes coming back with what I think we Canada Geese stuffed in their backpacks.  But today we also actually came across some birders.  We could tell they were the real thing because they not only had binoculars, but also spotting scopes, and would stand for long periods of time identifying birds in the trees, in the bushes and out on the water.  Jeanette who has the uncanny ability to engage anyone with-in a 20 yard radius in conversation, soon had these guys by the ear asking all kind of questions. Turns out they are the top two eBirders in Klamath County, Dave Haupt (on the left), and Kevin Spencer (on the right). They were a huge help to us in nailing down species that we hadn't gotten a good enough look at to be sure on the identification. Here is a link to our observation list.


  1. You have a great 'spotter' for a partner!

  2. Yes I do. I would get less than half the birds with out her sharp eyes.