Saturday, March 19, 2016

Old Memories - New Discoveries

We got out and enjoyed the sun yesterday.  One of the places we went was Buell Park, located on Mill Creek in western Polk County.  It took me back in time because many years ago when I was just getting started fly fishing I took my family and went fishing here.  I think my daughter Lisa would have been two years old and my son Michael would have been four.  The drive-way parking and restrooms looked about the same, but I couldn't really recognize Mill Creek, it was high of course with the recent rain, but it seems that over the years the stream has made new cuts in the bank and taken on a different character altogether. Yesterday as Jeanette and Buster and I roamed the park looking for birds we heard some faint calls across the river, which after some concentration we decided were Wild Turkeys.  We could hear them but not see them.  Jeanette got out her iPhone and used an App that has recorded bird sounds.  Turkeys are curious birds and shortly these huge birds came flying overhead from accross the river and landed in some tall fir trees.  It completely made our day.  We needed Wild Turkeys for our county list, and here we were rewarded with such a great discovery.


  1. Great teamwork! Love the photos.

  2. Yes, we are lucky to be able to be a team, but you know about that too.