Monday, March 21, 2016

First Osprey of the Year!

Jeanette spotted our first Osprey of the year yesterday. It was at the nest site on Murlark Ave in West Salem.  We have been keeping an eye out for them because we knew they were due anyday.  The first one of the season last year was spotted at this same location on the 24th of March.  After taking me to the location so I could see it too, we then made a tour of the other known nesting locations in West Salem, six in all.  We found another Osprey on the nest site on River Bend Road, and then in late afternoon while walking with my daughter through Wallace Marine Park we spotted a third bird flying.  I am assuming that all are males as they are the first to show up and claim a nest for a female.  It's great to have them back. The last Osprey we saw in the Willamette area was this past fall in October. We are excited to again have the opportunity to watch them using their nesting sites with all the activity envolved in raising their young.

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