Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bright Birds of Winter

Rain is the main component of the next 15 days of weather, but a window of sunshine was in the forecast for nine o'clock this morning, so we planned accordingly. We arrived at one of our favorites, Fairview Wetlands, at nine o'clock sharp, dressed for cold and wind.  I think it was a good plan and we got in a nice walk and identified 22 different species of birds.  You can see our observation list here.  Below are three species I was able to photograph.

 White-crowned Sparrow
One of the little sparrows we see consistently here at the Fairview Wetlands is the White-crowned Sparrow.  This photo seemed appropriate for the Christmas Season with the Sparrow possed with the bright red rose hips.

Red-winged Blackbird
Red-winged Blackbirds are a common staple here too.  Noisy creatures, they are usually heard several times before being seen. Only the males have the bright red and yellow patch, which they are able to flash to show their assertiveness. 

Spotted Towee
We can also always count on hearing and seeing the Spotted Towee.  They are usually to be found on the ground scratching for tidbits, or hiding in the bushes. The rusty breast, white spotted wings, and bright red eyes, are to be enjoyed in any season.  

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