Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Backyard Birding

Mourning Dove
When I paused this morning to do a quick two minute stationary bird count in our back yard there were only two species.  Two Mourning Doves and three Northern Flickers. It's unusual to only see two species, I can usually spot close to half a dozen at a time.  The Mourning Doves were on the ground, fluffed up to keep warm, and the Northern Flickers were up in a tree trying to dry out their feathers from the last rain shower. The astute reader of this blog will no doubt recognize that an unusual high number of photos and posts come from my backyard. There may be a number of reasons, any place from laziness to convenience.  The startling thing to me is how all these little observations I record add up. November began the third winter we have been at this location in Salemtowne, and during this time Jeanette and I have identified 59 different species of birds from our back yard. Which says to me that our backyard is a legitimate birding location even if it is easy.


  1. And that begs the question, oh Wise One, was birding one of the considerations when you and your blushing bride originally decided to move from bordering the Umpqua River to bordering the Willamette River? Inquiring minds want to know, my friend!

  2. Actually not Larry. We had lots of birds in Elkton and able to go on multible bird walks right from our front door. It was more to do with family, which by the way you may possibly know some, plus doctors, shopping, and so forth.

  3. Seems a good candidate for a birding "Hot Spot" ;)

    1. As I'm sure you know, eBird Hot Spots need to be public, and I'm not inclined to have the public tramping through my backyard. :)

  4. Exclusive, Salemtown Hot Spot! We always look forward to your posts even when it comes from the comfort of your beautifully designed, bird friendly, backyard habitat!