Monday, November 16, 2015

A Day In The Bird Mobile

Today was another day we needed to evacuate our house while the painters went to work, so we piled into our RV, which I am starting to refer to as the Bird Mobile, for a day of birding. With the weather rather cold and wet, it made a perfect mobile base for birding.  We totally love being able to stay warm and dry with all the comforts of home no matter what the weather.  We made a total of three stops for short walks to seek out birds.

Our first stop was an unplanned one at the Brigittine Monastery, the result of a mis-turn. The temperature was a frigid 39 degrees with a bitter wind from the south.  We only lasted a short 18 minutes at one of ponds scoping out water fowl, but we did make a list. The Monastery seemed rather quiet, I suppose the brothers were still at morning prayer, so we missed sampling their famous chocolate. Continuing on we were still cold so we pulled over in Ballston at the Ballston Park with a quaint pioneer school house (shown above) for some hot chocolate in the bird mobile.

Our second birding stop was at the Sheridan South Side Park.  Temperature here was a balmy 47 degrees, perhaps in part because of it's location, protected to the west by a hill top cemetery, and to the south by a large federal prison complex. In spite of this unique almost hidden location, it was the best birding location of the day, producing this list.

Our third birding stop was at the Huddleston Fish Pond in Willamina.  I made a brief circle of the pond here in between rain storms, and made this list.

We spent the remainder of the day on couch and recliner, enjoying having a furnace, TV, and a bathroom. Oh yes, also hot coffee, tea, and chili.  I think there are many more trips to be made this winter in the bird mobile.


  1. 5 Star Mobile birding in style. Stay warm!

    1. Sorry you're missing all the cold and rain Patty.