Friday, January 24, 2014

Keizer Rapids Park

We had lots of sun yesterday so I took Buster for a “walk”, which is a code word that means I went birding. I am continuing to check out Hot Spots as shown on, and this one, Keizer Rapids Park is the closest spot to me, that is as the crow flies.  It is probably not much more than a mile from my home in Salemtowne, but because of the Willamette River between us it is probably over 6 miles away.

Keizer Rapids Park is a City of Keizer park of 360 acres bordering the Willamette River at the end of Chemawa Road.  I didn’t find many birds, but then I didn’t have my “spotter” with me. Buster and I walked a mile and a half of paved trails, of which there are many more miles of dirt trails.  I am looking forward to returning later in the season because the habitat looks very promising with lots of snags showing obvious nesting holes.      

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  1. We found your spotter and will try to return her safely before the spring birding season!