Sunday, January 26, 2014

Birding at Minto-Brown's Island Park

This brightly colored male Mallard was trying to hide from me yesterday morning at Minto-Brown Island’s Park. It was another bright sunny morning so I took Buster there for a walk.  It sort of feels like I have been avoiding Minto-Brown, but at almost 900 acres it is clearly one of the best parks around for walking and probably birding.  I guess I have been mainly concentrating on birding in Polk County because it’s the county I live in, but just across the river is Marion County, Salem proper and Minto-Brown Park.  I also like to take the “road less traveled”, which means I normal seek out less crowded areas.  I picked the South-East end of the park which is less used and did a loop around the sloughs there as I wanted to get a look at waterfowl before they all leave.  One particular pond had the most ducks, easily a 100 Mallards, a good number of American Wigeons, and a few Buffleheads, Ring-necks, and Northern Shovelers. We walked over three miles and were warm enough as long as we kept moving.  

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