Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rest and Recovery

We are currently resting and recovering in this shaded site at Merced River RV Resort after a couple of tumultuous days on the road. A heavy rain storm hit Chico Sunday night before we left on Monday morning for our visit with Rudy in Grass Valley.  During our visit with Rudy, Jeanette turned on the TV to see if we had reception, only to find out that we were under a tornado warning!  During the next hour or so the National Weather Service issued five separate tornado warnings.  Mixed with that were hard wind, rain, and hail, followed with lighting and thunder.  Watching the presidential debate was almost an impossibility because of the hail pounding on the roof, Buster barking at the thunder, and the TV reception failing.  Then this morning we had a complete circus trying to get out of Grass Valley with route confusion and brake lock-up on the towed car.  (I will spare you all the gruesome details)
Winter storms hitting the Sierras have caused us to alter our route from going over to Lake Tahoe and down Highway 395, to our old standard route in Central California. This was a disappointment for us but had a side benefit enabling us to have breakfast with friends in Sacramento.  Becky and Ron O’Leary are people we met on an RV site some years ago and have stayed in touch with common interests of blogs, birding, and Facebook.  Today was our first face to face meeting and a bright spot in our day.

I will also spare you the details of frustration of locating gas stations in ghetto areas, and out of order diesel pumps.  Just know that we are now safe and recovering.


  1. What time did you get to the RV park? We really enjoyed meeting the two of you today and look forward to our next gathering.

  2. Sounds frustrating. Glad you made it safe and sound. Chico CA. is great!

  3. MM - we got here around 1:30, and the three of us got in a good walk around the park.

    kcgz - thanks for the comment, will be following your blog.

  4. Wish you had let us know you needed fuel before we left the restaurant. There was a station about a mile away with easy in and out. We fuel there a lot.