Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anna's Hummingbird

I spotted this female Anna’s Hummingbird during my bird walk this morning warming herself in the morning sun.  It’s been a number of months since I have been close enough to photograph a hummingbird, so it was one of the last birds I was thinking of seeing this morning, and it was one I needed because I didn’t already have a female Anna’s in Cascade Ramblings.  It’s strange how that happens, and it seems to be true in life, when you’re not looking for something and suddenly you find it and it’s just what you wanted.


  1. Good job! We see so many hummingbirds everyday but I have never been able to get a good shot, I always struggle with backlighting. I admire your patience & skill. Love the metaphors as well ;)

  2. Patty--so good to have your comments again! I'm sure it has something to do with available time! Continue to enjoy your time off.