Sunday, August 19, 2012

Use of the Williamson River Trail

It was raining yesterday morning when my scheduled Williamson River Trail Hike was set to go.  I waited patiently under the protection of my motorhome awning, and gratefully no one showed.  So today it seemed like a good route for the five ambitious hikers that showed up.  They are right to left, Jeanette’s brother Bill and his son Nathan, a couple from London England, Stephen and Georgie, and Jeanette and Buster.(click on the photo for a closer look at this cast of characters) The Williamson River Trail has been kind of a pet project of ours, starting when we volunteered here at Collier Memorial State Park in October of 2010.  This year we have spent considerably more time and effort into improving and promoting use of the trail.  It was gratifying today to notice the increase in bike tire tracks and foot prints, indicating a growing use of the trail.

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