Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Final Days of Summer

The final days of summer are upon us at Collier Memorial State Park. The Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels, as shown in the photo, have fattened themselves up from a summer of gorging themselves on campground handouts, probably now having doubled in weight. The Douglas Squirrels are busy with their pine cone harvest high in the tall Ponderosas. Gone are the Cliff Swallows and Barn Swallows who have been so busy all summer with their mud nests under the bridge. And today for the first time I didn’t hear the persistent call of the Western Wood-Pewee that has been so common on all my bird hikes. The wildflowers are fading too, dull reminders of the bright July colors along Spring Creek. The end can be felt among the volunteer hosts as well, where the conversation is about their leaving day and their next assignment. The final days for Jeanette and I are somewhat up in the air, we are not sure as to our exact last day, nor are we clear on our next adventure. But considering that we came to Collier to help out for a week in June, and that we are still here, you can safely conclude that we have had a good summer.

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  1. Donaldsville LarryAugust 26, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    Look at the treads of your shoes. See any moss? Didn't think so, as you don't let ANYTHING slow down your desire for life on the road.