Sunday, May 1, 2011

Enjoying the Sun

Sun at last!  We stopped in Eugene at Delta Ponds to bird on our way back to Adair Village today.  People were out walking and biking, the birds were out, but it was the turtles that caught our attention.  They were out in mass on every log. I took this photo of this family of Western Pond Turtles whom seemed the most organized in their effort to soak up the sun. I've read that turtles need the heat from the sun to be able to digest their food.

Editorial Note:  I originally mistakenly assumed these where Western Pond Turtles.  I now believe they are Red-Eared Sliders, a very competitive non-native species.


  1. This is a fun picture! It looks like it should be a poster with an inspirational caption ;)

  2. Are these indigenous turtles or natives?

  3. Patty--I'm very glad you asked the question. It caused me to take a closer look, and much to my suprise, I believe these to be Red-eared sliders. They are non-native and pose a threat to our native species.