Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4G Speed

We just received our new Verizon MiFi 4G Hot Spot today. For the last two years we have been using a Verizon MiFi Hot Spot for our Internet connection. It is the older slower 3G model and has served us well were ever we travel, faithfully providing Internet connection for our computers and IPods at home in Elkton or where ever our travels have taken us in Oregon, California, and Arizona. This last week we started having a problem with the connection to the charger.  After doing some checking it looked like we would need to speed 200 dollars for a new unit.  Well, that was before Jeanette sweet talked a customer service person into a new faster 4G model for FREE! Shipping was of course also free! Maybe I’ll be able to post to this blog faster.   


  1. WooHoo!!! Keep us posted as to how well it works. Maybe it is time we switched to that for home...

  2. What havey duty and amazing memory.

    i think its time to swith.