Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visitors Rudy & Gary

Rudy Thompson and his son Gary, both from California, stopped by for a visit on Monday afternoon. Those who follow my blog closely may remember that last winter, Jeanette and I had lunch with Rudy in his home in Grass Valley. Here is the blog for that visit. Rudy, at 97 years of age is such an inspiration for Jeanette and I. This was the first time I met Gary, but with all the things we discovered we have in common, I’m sure our paths will cross again. Rudy and Gary are part of a parade of visitors we have had this past week. On Saturday, Jeanette’s cousin Larry Agnew and his wife Ginny, and his dad Allan, plus Jeanette’s brother Bill all had breakfast together at the nearby Firehouse 5 CafĂ©. At lunch, my sister Rachel and her husband Richard from Olympia stopped by and we had lunch at the Firehouse 5. Yesterday an old time friend of mine Larry Anderson and his wife Peg on a trip from Wichita Kansas joined us for yet another lunch at the Firehouse 5. We are doing our best to schedule our work in between meals and visitors. :)

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