Saturday, August 14, 2010

Otis, Oregon

Buster bugged us for a walk this morning. He hasn't had a good walk in a couple of days. We are finding the hatchery that we’re at for a few days a little confining, not much in the way of opportunities for hiking or walking. So, in desperation we walked the highway, and we ended up at a junction along Highway 18 known as Otis. There is of course the famous Otis Café, a post office, a convenience store, a coffee stand, and a sea-food trailer. But what caught our eye as different was an old delivery van with a sign, MaryJane’s Bicycle Service. We wandered over to have a closer look, and there in person was Mary Jane working on a bicycle. She has a stationary shop at home, but this is her mobile repair shop, which she stations at Neskowin on Fridays and Otis on Saturdays, and she will also make house calls! We had a great time talking with her, it was sort of serendipitous, we went for a walk for Buster’s sake, but found something very interesting for us. You can check out her website here –

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