Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final Days of Trail Work

Above are the before and after photos of a water-bar that I put in yesterday on the Interruption Point Trail. I’m down to the last few days, so have to pick what projects are most important to finish for this season. It’s been a real privilege for me to have this opportunity to take over the responsibilities of a legendary fellow by the name of Chuck. There is no way I could fill his boots, they were some mighty big ones, but I hope I have been able to contribute to the longevity of the excellent system of trails here at Buckskin Mount State Park.


  1. and what a good job you have done! they found the perfect man for the job i'd say.

  2. They will miss both you and Jeanette. I will be happy to have you home. You two have been doing so much down there that they will miss you. See you soon.