Monday, February 15, 2010

More About Desert Holly

Yesterday while exploring for an old mine, I happened through the wash where I dug up the Desert Holly as mentioned in the previous post. This miniature valley contains what I would call a colony of Desert Holly. While taking a rest and drinking some water I noticed that a near by plant had different flowers than a plant I had photographed the day before. At first I was puzzled, then a light when on in my brain, and I remembered reading something about male and female flowers and how they are on separate plants. I started looking around, and sure enough some plants had one type of flower and other plants had a different type of flower. So here we have a situation where plants with male flowers, and other plants with female flowers are all in close proximity, which probably assures fertilization, and thus a colony.


  1. Good sleuthing! I recently became interested in the varieties of moss and lichen here in Oregon - do you see much of that there?

  2. Not enough moisture here for anything like that. In fact, it's starting to warm up here, like temps in the upper 70s so we are starting to look for shade.