Friday, November 20, 2009

Yuba City, California

Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds - - - we have discovered that county fairgrounds often have RV camping available. They have to be scouted out, as they are sort of under the radar in that they do not usually advertise, nor are they listed in most RV park guides. They are however great places to stay for several reasons. In the first place they cost less than standard RV parks by ten to fifteen dollars. We paid twenty dollars a night here. Secondly they are interesting places to stay in that it’s fun to be able to walk all through the fairgrounds. There is some danger in exploring the fairgrounds as Jeanette found out yesterday. During our walk, Jeanette went through a turnstile and found herself locked into a secured parking lot with no way to get out. I had told her there was no way to get out, but she proceeded to attempt to prove me wrong. In the end, I had to go find a maintenance man to unlock the gate to let her out!

We are staying two nights here. We have unhooked the car and today will be driving up to Grass Valley to visit with our friend Rudy Thompson.


  1. Jeanette was not attempting to prove Jim wrong... she was demonstrating her great idea - go through the turnstile and... uh oh... BAD IDEA!!!